Men and women, women and men. It will never work. *Erica Jong

In this grand world of political correctness and equality, everyone can expect the chance to succeed, nay, excel in whatever field they have chosen. While I am all over this equality thing, I have to admit that the work ethic that has been instilled in me provides a beautiful buffer against any sort of discrimination I might encounter. There is, however, a negative side to this equality thing and it has to do with dating.

There was a point at which women were demuring princesses and if a man wanted the pleasure of her company, he was in for some heavy pursuit. This is no longer the case, unfortunately. Now women are upstanding go-getters and if a man wants to date her, he has one of two options depending on the woman. It’s either a hard, fast relationship, or said gentleman can never find (or find time to spend with) said woman because of her many projects and work hours.

Men have begun to find themselves in no-man’s-land where they either have no work or too much trouble getting to the work of wooing any given woman. The result of this unfortunate ordeal, is that men have entirely forgotten the business of flirting and tend to run about with their emotions in a knot because they don’t know how to make it clear that they have a crush.

What we ladies want is to be charmed sometimes. Every once in a while, we are looking for you to become Fred Astaire and soft-shoe us to sleep or become John Truitt and protect us from mice while we turn off the lights… Figuratively speaking, surely.

So men, suck it up and be a little chivalrous sometimes. Defend our honor, our ideas and our concerns. Be prepared for a little excitement! Relationships are not meant to be easy until you find that one you want to stay with forever, and then you should be prepared to work harder than ever.

get to it!  Sincerely, Pokey


  1. TheWaterJar · September 3, 2004

    Chivalry is such a thing of the past, women are usually surprised when I open the door for them or run after a piece of paper they dropped that the wind suddenly swept away. It makes it hard for us guys to be chivalrous when women are so used to us not being chivalrous that it is seen as something abnormal. An anomaly, if you will.

  2. AlwaysSingin · September 4, 2004

    woot, babe.
    and p.s. i miss YOU

  3. TheWaterJar · September 4, 2004

    What you say is true, but there are some cases in which women will be so unused to chivalrous acts that they would construe it as something not particularly…um…good. Damn I know i could’ve found better wording for that… peace.

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