The Pepper Release


WordPress 4.6 has been released and its name is “Pepper”. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out you can pop by to download a fresh copy or update directly from your dashboard. There are a lot of nice updates to it including a streamlined plugin and theme update process.

Get to updating, but remember to backup first.

Canine Infirmary

This poor dog has a growth on her ear that so far is a mystery to the vet. This week will be a long journey of gross ear maintenance leading up to, hopefully, good news.

But between now and then, she doesn’t seem to mind all the extra attention.

National Puppy Day 

IMG_0888Pepper plans to never grow up. She’s going to be a giant, baby dog, lap moose, “Help, I’m scared of things that go bump in the night”, snuggly little fur monster.

She sleeps 16 hours a day, snores incessantly, and kicks like a donkey.

She also is terrified of zombies, though, so in the event a zombie apocalypse comes I’ll at least have an early warning system. Also, I totally love her and her adorable little face. 🙂