Asian Bachelorette

This video is just about a year old, but I felt that it was pretty timely considering the news about John Cho headlining Searching. Also, if you haven’t watched much from WongFu Productions, you probably should.

On Poetry: Light the World

Light the World by Ingrid Stölzel is a piece commissioned in honor of Te Deum‘s 10th season. The world premier was November 11, 2017 and, in case you missed it, here is a recording. The text is by Robert Bode, and I have been finding it truly fascinating in its complexity. May the Mother in us comfort…

St John Passion BWV 245

This afternoon I have the good fortune of joining some incredibly talented musicians to sing Bach’s Johannespassion. We’re singing it in English instead of the original German, which brings a different sort of drama to the whole thing, and has been an interesting expressive journey. If you care to watch via the livestream, I highly recommend it….

Drive It Like You Stole It

I first heard of Sing Street on NPR. It’s a charming musical about musicians by John Carney. If you watch it (and you should, it’s on Netflix right now) and you’re a musician, by training or by passion, then you’ll probably see a bit of a younger self in these characters.  

Baby It’s Cold Outside, an Update

I really do love this particular holiday song. However, as I got older and started actually paying attention to lyrics, the creep-factor really couldn’t be ignored anymore. Enter this charming adaptation from Lydia Liza and Josiah Lemanski. Listen without the guilt and, if you’re feeling the holiday spirit, consider purchasing the track to benefit the Sexual…

The Three Most Difficult Words

For people who work with me often, they will know that I am very quick to ask what help others need. I’m much less quick to ask for that help in return.

“I Can’t Potty in the Rain”

Pepper agrees wholeheartedly with this situation. It’s been raining on and off for a little longer than she’s comfortable holding it, so she’s dealing with it. However, it’s a drama fest every time.


Where do fireworks designers/technicians practice this stuff for timing without people seeing it?