On Music: Spread Love

Take 6 has been one of my favorite musical groups my entire life. I used to listen to their debut album on cassette tape. I recently had the good luck to see a live concert of theirs and I have never had more fun! This song is brief but charming, shining lights on the distracting…

St John Passion BWV 245

This afternoon I have the good fortune of joining some incredibly talented musicians to sing Bach’s Johannespassion. We’re singing it in English instead of the original German, which brings a different sort of drama to the whole thing, and has been an interesting expressive journey. If you care to watch via the livestream, I highly recommend it….

Drive It Like You Stole It

I first heard of Sing Street on NPR. It’s a charming musical about musicians by John Carney. If you watch it (and you should, it’s on Netflix right now) and you’re a musician, by training or by passion, then you’ll probably┬ásee a bit of a younger self in these characters.  


Where do fireworks designers/technicians practice this stuff for timing without people seeing it?

Peace on Earth

When I’m not making the world a better place, one technology event at a time, I sing with the wonderful people of Te Deum.

Adele Medley

In case you have yet to hear this wonderful, low-key medley of Adele songs, I’m sharing it here. This is┬áRonan Scolard & Glenn Murphy (I don’t know which is which) and I recommend listening to this with your favorite unwinding beverage. It went viral and gained them the chance to sing on stage at an…

Royal Wedding

I am in the habit of playing old movies in the background as I work. There is just enough noise to keep me productive, but since I can basically recite them all I don’t get distracted enough to stop and watch. Royal Wedding is showing behind me today and I just had to share with…

Heat Wave | Ella Fitzgerald

A different heat wave. Written by Irving Berlin and sung by the fierce Ella Fitzgerald. Because it’s hot here!