“Are you seeing this?” asked the soft baritone voice from the driver’s seat. I sat up in the passenger’s seat, blinking against the overwhelming fatigue that was poised to overtake me.  I looked at the clock whose glowing LCD numbers were burning a quick pattern of 1:38a into my visual field.  Unwilling as I was to move more than absolutely necessary, I tilted my head slightly in an effort to see out of the glasses that were sliding down my nose.  There in the middle of a high traffic, four lane road, stood a group of young ladies.  No, I wouldn’t say ladies. Ladies would have more common sense than to stand where there are huge chunks of metal on wheels, speeding around at forty-five miles an hour.

            “What are they even doing up at this hour?” I asked out loud.  Without allowing a single moment for a response from my companion I banged on the window and shouted “Get the hell out of the road!”

            I immediately looked over to the now shocked face that was turned my way.  I put on a patent “innocent bystander” look as I shrugged my shoulders. After all, there was no chance that they had heard me from inside a car.

Still, I felt strangely justified in my sudden outburst and settled back down for a nice doze before I had to get up and move once again.


  1. fibermom · September 1, 2004

    So what were you doing up at that hour, swearing, and on a school night? Just curious.

  2. Anonymous · September 1, 2004

    awesome job singin’ today. i love that song.

  3. Anonymous · September 2, 2004

    haha, it’s from the new musical “wicked,” which is the BEST musical EVER! haha i love it.
    you are MY hero because i freakin LOVE your voice. and because often i wish i were an alto. lol.

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