It was a simple thing. It was unconcious and, apparently, a natural thing to do. I had dropped the green mottled wrap on the ground while I was making one of my usual high-energy orations, and all you did was snatch it up before it became desperately dirty and trampled. I never noticed it was gone let alone that you’d captured it, but as I continued my story somehow you caught my eye.

“What are yo-dude. Are you smelling my scarf?” I asked while I eyed you a little sidelong. Without skipping a beat, without blushing and without embarassment, you explained that it smelled nice. And that was the end of that.

As opposed to dwelling on it and causing a scene right there, I have instead been dwelling on it on my own and causing a general scene in my head. Was it equivalent to smelling a girl’s hair or was it truly just that it smelled good? It was seperated from my person, so it’s easy to pretend that it had nothing to do with me personally… but you clearly knew it was mine.

Hm. Sincerely, Pokey


  1. TheWaterJar · September 5, 2004

    I dunno, maybe its just my imagination. Haha. Anyway. You guys(girls) probably get freaked out when a guy tries to “smell your hair” or your green mottled wrap, or whatever the case may be, but what you don’t realize is that you smell good. Good in a feminine, comforting, somehow placating way. Maybe its something that only guys get out of the way a woman smells. Its certainly not something I can articulate very well, but the very unique experience of catching the scent of a lady as she walks by or as she stands in front of you in a crowded elevator, or some other instance like that is somehow deeply comforting. (You know, smell is like one of the most primitive senses and it usually has the strongest bonds to memory. Also, its the only sense that goes directly to whatever part of the brain that processes that sense. All other senses go to a sort of “relay station” in the brain first.) Anyway, peace.

    the water jar

  2. fibermom · September 5, 2004

    I enjoy smelling people’s perfume when they walk by. If I picked up someone’s green mottled wrap and it smelled good at that distance, I might lift it and smell it more closely (if no one was watching). Now smelling someone’s hair seems a lot more intimate. But good smells are intended to smell good to people, after all. If a tree smells good in a forest with no olfactory receptacles nearby… Well, you see what I mean.

  3. TheWaterJar · September 6, 2004

    Haha thanks! I was trying to find a way to say it without sounding creepy haha : P peace!

  4. TheWaterJar · September 6, 2004

    …by the way, what does Chantaboune mean? sounds…French…maybe?

  5. TheWaterJar · September 6, 2004

    That would have been my second guess…southeast asian/malaysian, somewhere thereabouts. Coolness. Yeah actually, it doesn’t surprise me that your first name is French, considering the French colonized a lot of southeast asia for a while. Peace.

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