I sat in the lower cafeteria, explaining to a male student why breakfast is an important meal to have. Naturally, the next thing I had to explain was that if there is something someone “knows for a fact,” there is next to no way for me to disprove it and teach them a new truth in the small amount of time we have for our meals.

With that there was a disapproving laugh and a clear closing off of his mind. I have to admit that I got a little bit perturbed. Generally speaking, when someone discounts any serious point I am trying to make, I get a little upset. This was different, though. This is a man three years my senior and filled with what I can only assume is seen as superior intellect and I am forever finding myself in a defending position with him. Rarely do I say something to him that isn’t used as fodder for making me appear less brilliant than he. I have a clear problem with this.


  1. KayJay67 · September 8, 2004

    well thanks!  it’s nice to meet you. 


  2. mayflwr · September 9, 2004

    the craziest conversations always happen in the dining hall! p/s i love the way you write..it’s very narrative and has a wonderful poetic quality! 🙂


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