When asked why I went to church at a place that did not align with my personal beliefs I promptly replied “I assume that, regardless of denomination, every Christian church is – well, Christian. Thus if I happen to go to an AG church it should be basically the same ideas as a Presbyterian church.”

This is not true, though.

The reason is essence is bang on, but it’s not the real reason I attend this church. I think the reason I do is because it is very easy to get to this AG church. Every week a little van comes up here and waits outside for ten or so people to wake up and stumble in. It drives us there, it drives us back, we’ve gone to worship and returned to our homework and all is well.

That’s not to say I don’t greatly enjoy this church, but it is clearly the easiest option for s girl who is vehicle-less.

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  1. fibermom · December 6, 2004

    There are differences among denominations, for sure, but getting to a church that doesn’t quite fit is better than not getting to the best match.

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