My plan for this morning was to have as little planned as possible. I didn’t even get out of bed until 930a and immediately thought “Ah the guys will be done with their first game!” After that thought I neither felt bad for having slept in nor did I immediate call to see how it went. I didn’t feel like it so I didn’t.

Take that, world.

But now it’s afternoon and it’s time to start doing things again. I have some remaining work to do one one campaign and a little bit of clean-up on the other. Some gentle research to do on classical music in the news needs to be done and then I have a date with the girls. I also have a birthday party tonight and last I checked I think I have five people coming. One is coming from out of town and then after 10p I’m told there are two other who will being joining us. I think that’s pretty good, really.

I also was out with other girls last night. It’s just part of my ongoing birthday revelry.

The bar we were in last night had a mechanical bull in it which is just a terrifying thought. The problem with bars that have those in them is that everyone wants you to ride it. I’ve seen those bulls and the people on them. It’s overtly sexual and no one seems to notice this. I refuse to get on them.

There was a point, actually, when I scaled the wall to keep from being physically dragged into the bull pen.

I should probably do some explaining on that.

We were sitting in a booth when the bull pen opened. People were lining up around the corner for a chance at this and some guy who was leaning on the railing by our table asked if I’d ever ridden one of those things. I told him that, no, I hadn’t and didn’t really intend to break my 25 year winning streak tonight.

“Winning streak?” he asked me.
“Yea. In every fight to get me on one of those things I’ve been the victor. You can’t break a streak like that.”

It then became apparent that this large man intended to win just such an argument. He was, I kid you not, about 6’4″, 250 lbs and as soon as I realised what was going on so did all the girls I was with. He stood, backing away from the railing and came around to our table. I was at the end of the table so I, oddly enough, began to hop from lap to lap to to the corner.

There was also a half wall there in the corner so I, to just fortify my all but inaccessible lair, climbed on top of the wall much to the shock of the people on the other side. They looked up, took some pictures, and asked what I was doing. I told them I was escaping riding the bull, “a fate far worse than death,” and we all had a good laugh.

It’s a good thing they felt like laughing, or I might have been thrown out of the bar entirely.

That should probably go on my list of things I’m not allowed to do.


  1. fibermom · July 26, 2009

    Climbing walls in bars? Do you have many opportunities to do that?

  2. chanthaboune · July 26, 2009

    @fibermom – Probably not, but it’s always good to be aware of what you can and can’t do.

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