I went to see Ji-Yong last night. Ji-Yong is a 13 year old concert pianist and he was quite good. The audience was filled with abnormally young patrons ranging mostly from 5 – 15 with a few college students and a few elderly people.

It was as though they took our usual crowd and wound them back in time.

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  1. DrDrew says:

    Of course we are the usual crowd and we were the same age.  Do you suppose we missed out on the time machine?

  2. DrDrew says:

    You are entirely wrong!!!!!  She is the cutest baby in the world!!!!!  I will hear no continued arguement.  ever.

  3. fibermom says:

    Was it interesting to be among the oldest instead of among the youngest?
    And hey, has it ever struck you that your sissie looks somewhat like Catherine Zeta-Jones, but of course much younger? It struck me because I was watching Intolerable Cruelty on the computer, with her photo right there by the screen — with them side-by-side, you cannot miss the similarity, even though one is a thin young Asian girl and the other is a mature white lady. She says she’ll be glad if she looks like that when she is that age.
    Think of me tomorrow morning. I have my solo, and I had a bad rehearsal Wednesday. the concert went well though. I haven’t had a chance to talk to you since.

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