There are a lot of people here. I know a lot of people here. There are more people here who’s names I know than people with whom I spend a reasonable amount of time.

Those name only people are the ones that seem to irk me.

For some reason when these people whom I never speak to greet me by name, I assume that they are trying to catch me. Catch me in what? I don’t know… not knowing their names? Regardless of all that, I almost always do know their names. They walk by and say “Hey Pokey!” and I quickly say “Hey Miss Fine!” and smirk to myself as I see their faces light up. Ha ha ha! I know your name after all!


  1. fibermom · December 2, 2004

    lol. or rather, hahahahahahaha.

  2. StatsGirl209 · December 2, 2004

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