So it’s snowing here. Imagine that. Now I’m not a huge fan of snow but I do like looking at it… I also like not being in it. That’s a good place to be. However, I forgot that when we get precipitation of any sort here, it goes on like mad for a number of days.

Just this semester we had a solid week of rain. We only had one day of serious rain of course, but the days leading up to and away from that day were drizzly and gray (on a side note, this is the week I was told that the solar winds cause our winds – this brought my points up by a gazillion I feel).

This is all fine and dandy if you work from home or live in a town that is entirely connected by interbuilding tunnels, but if you have to drive, walk, run or catch a bus to anywhere… well it’s a little dismaying.

Especially if you don’t seem to make any body heat of your own.


  1. DrDrew · December 1, 2004

    I maintain that it is less windy that when it is sunny…especially on mountains.  What other explanation do you have?

  2. fibermom · December 1, 2004

    It is not less windy when it is sunny. Sunniness often goes with the big winds like the Santa Ana.  Or at least I think so. But I think that sunniness is also not dependent on the sun’s being there.
    Well, I may have jumped into that without knowing what the conversation was. But I really like the idea of interbuilding tunnels. I think all otwns should have them. I see people (possibly masked) slinking along them from one building to another. Let’s work on that.

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