I used to have a set of nightmares that were definitely recurring. One had to do with sound, another with color and yet another with touch. In the one with sound there was an awful oppressive sound that I could neither identify nor stop. The one in color had me falling perpetually through a swirling aray of color that just caused my heart to freeze for some reason. In that one dealing with touch I was hypersensitive to things around me; hard things cut me and soft things swallowed me alive.

I no longer have to deal with these I’m happy to announce. However, I now have a different nightmare that has begun to crop up much more. And it is horrible.

Last night, for the third or fourth time since August, I had this dream that I was involved in this elaborate murder scheme. I am in a hotel and me and three other people just kill someone. We go out of our way to hide the body, to make sure no one sees us, to not let in anyone not in our group. Still, everytime we leave we leave the room in a huge mess; blood, hair… anything you can name except that body itself. I stand around being a nervous wreck over some little girl that saw us, then the woman leaves (in order to take care of the girl I assume). I begin to scream like mad and then I wake up in an awful state of confusion and panic.

Someone once told me that when you kill someone in your dreams it is because you are trying to control something. I wonder if this is true?

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  1. fibermom · November 16, 2004

    Or maybe you feel guilty about something. Or are reading too many detective novels. Are you killing the financial aid officer?

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