“Are you coming?” she asked as she ran toward the building. “It’s at 4:00!” Without waiting for an answer she bolted inside and ran up the stairs. First she took each step and soon she was taking them two at a time. She responded to each cry of ‘welcome home’ with a quick wave and sprinted down the hall toward her room. She flipped her dark hair back as she fumbled with cold and clumsy fingers for her key. Finally, she slid the key into the lock with the usual series of clicks, turned the key, flung open the door-


“Holy handbaskets! Ow! My shoulder! Who in their right mind would put a wardrobe two inches from my door!?”

She rubbed at her shoulder as she rushed around the room trying to keep from being too terribly late. She pulled on her jacket and turned around-


“Wha- geez o’ Pete. Stupid thing. Still in the middle of the room.”

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