“So you say The Pageant is just down the Loop?” we asked. The apparent genius looked at us with slight confusion.

“yeah. I bet you could walk,” he said and proceeded to offer us food. We declined as graciously as we could manage, made quick thank yous and headed on down the street. We wandered in what we thought might be the general direction of this music hall until we noticed that the little shops and cafes that had been lining the streets were dwindling in number. I decided we were lost, but my companion insisted that if we kept on in this direction we would eventually make it.

The thing about the middle of November is that it’s cold. It’s close to winter and it’s cold. Especially after sundown. Cold. So in the event that you do get lost while walking, continuing to walk is not actually what you feel inclined to do.

Unless you happen to be a cold weather person. Any of you that know me will know that I am as far from a cold weather person as you can get. After an ungracious plea or two I realized that stopping for directions was just not going to happen.

“I’m sure that it’s up here somewhere.”

“Up here somewhere?” I said. “Up here like on that road trip I guess. But you know what? You’d know better than me. You went here for a-“

“Look. There it is.”

“I really hate losing to you.”

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