“He has no clue what I’m talking about,” she said while she traced the white RF in the corner of the music stand. “Of this I am almost certain. However, he always listens intently to what I’m saying. I think he likes the way I sound.”

She watched as The Diva ruffled her blonde hair and thought about that statement. “I’m not surprised really, dear. Your voice is low and poised and very easy to listen to.” The Diva looked expectantly at the girl behind the music stand wondering what her ethnic background was. After some thought she raised an eyebrow and aked if she was from the West coast.

“West Coast?” Pokey said tentatively.

“Yes,” the Diva said in her highly ‘in charge’ way. “You’ve got a very smooth way of speaking that is not characteristic of the mid-continent.”

“Hardly. I’m from a horribly landlocked state. But don’t worry. It seems to be a common misconception.”

“Well, hell. No wonder he likes to listen to you. You’re a walking contradiction.”


  1. Anonymous · October 29, 2004

    Something is keeping him from talking to you. He understands what you are saying. Maybe you should talk to him about it.

  2. fibermom · October 29, 2004

    Bell bottom pants for your arms?! LOL! Or, as little bro tells me the hip fols say nowadays, hahahahaha!

  3. fibermom · October 29, 2004

    Okay, I just read the post. Did you mention that Pokey’s oarents are a) from the west coast and ) foreign? Or did you want to preserve the mystery?

  4. Anonymous · October 30, 2004

    Sorry that I posted that on your site, I should have just talked to you about that. I just thought it was interesting that your mom said that.

  5. Anonymous · October 30, 2004

    I did not think your blog had anything to do with me. I was only telling you on a personal note what your mom said about me and that I wanted to talk about it. I apologize for using your name. An email would have been much more appropriate.

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