So today is Little Brother’s 16th birthday. For those of you who are unaware of this situation, this Little Brother is not MY little brother. He is, however, very much like my little brother and since I am hours away from him, I must make do. Our plans at the moment consist mostly of cake eating and presentation of our lovely RG Production shirt to aforementioned birthday boy.

I have run into a problem with this. Half the excitement of birthday cakes as opposed to run-of-the-mill everyday cakes, lies in the use of fire. The fact that you can present someone with a flaming pile of frosting that they will then blow out themselves, provides a measure of intrigue that is nearly unrivaled. It is the quite possibly that only flaming thing you can hand to someone that they will appreciate. For instance if I handed a flaming piece of cheese to him or a flaming cat or a flaming stack of books, it would not be met with smiles and cheers of ‘Oh you shouldn’t have.’ The closest thing I would get to that would be ‘oh I can’t believe you did that,’ and I can say that I feel that same joyous intention in those words.


  1. fibermom · October 26, 2004

    He’s not like your little brothers, then. I think your little brothers would appreciate anything flaming. Danger istheir business. Have fun with your birthday celebration! It was great having you home.

  2. ztmanning · October 27, 2004

    hmmm.. maybe.

  3. TheWaterJar · October 29, 2004

    how about a flaming molotov cocktail? for the revolution’s sake?

    oh wait, we’re not in the old country anymore… … …  :   |  … … …
    hm…how about a flaming cake? peace.

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