“I swear that you had long hair last year,” maintained the self-proclaimed Doyen in front of me. She flipped her chestnut colored hair as I protested this odd piece of fiction that seems to have become a common idea among my friends. I pulled from my wallet three forms of ID a la ‘please sell me a gun, I’m not a bad guy’ and presented them to my peers.

“Oh. You were THAT girl,” stated the Emo King. I gaped at him in mild shock quickly asking what his definition of That Girl was. He waggled his head momentarily in an attempt to evoke the meaning from the very woman who was asking the definitition. As though it helps matters to do so.

“That Girl is the one who is kinda cute, but intimidating as all hell,” he said with a bug-eyed look that clearly meant I was supposed to already know this. Am I entirely surprised by the meaning? Not at all. I come from a family of people that can be very intimidating when the time comes, but to be told that because of the picture on my ID… that’s a whole new level of wow.

Sincerely, Pokey


  1. Anonymous · October 21, 2004

    Your aren’t really intimidating . Yes you are very cute in both of your picture IDs and you are outgoing and intelligent, but those are fruitful qualities that should not intimidate others. But who am I? My opinion is biased because those things are only the beginning of what attracts me to you. Maybe the fact that you are knowledgeable in nearly every topic can intimidate some people, which is understandable…but I don’t know, that doesn’t intimidate me. I just realize that you were raised differently and in a totally different environment from me. But don’t get me wrong, you are gifted and you deserve the world. You’ll get it. (1:37 am) Ok, wow I really should go to sleep. Forgive me if I sleep in tomorow!

    Are you kidding me, I know better than to do that!
    g’night Bouthdi

  2. TheWaterJar · October 21, 2004

    strangely enough, i got the impression that i should’ve been intimidated by you the first time i started a dialogue with you. and that’s just via xanga and instant messaging! peace.

  3. fibermom · October 21, 2004

    Confidence can be intimidating. And Matt-plus-a-whole-bunch-of-numbers seems more impressed than intimidated.
    But the thing that is most interesting to me is that the Emo King didn’t recognize you. That means that he had mythologized you to the point that he did not even connect the real you with his imaginary version of you based on how you looked to him from a distance.
    This probably happens more often than we realize.
    And you did have long hair the year before. Maybe last year passed in a blur to the Doyenne.

  4. TheWaterJar · October 23, 2004

    aw, i’m sorry haha. rest assured, i no longer get that impression. i can’t really put my finger on what exactly it was that gave me that impression in the first place, but i’ll let you know when i do. peace.

  5. DrDrew · October 25, 2004

    Don’t worry, I will never be intimidated by you.  🙂

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