The sounds of laughter and excited chatter swirled in the air amid the rising scent of cinnamon and sugar as the five of us stood in the mucky yellow kitchen. It isn’t often that we have the time to get together, but when we do have the good fortune to do so it’s usually in the kitchen.

“Why the kitchen?” asks the ubiquitous ‘you.’

“What do you mean ‘why the kitchen?’ That’s where the food is! Where else would we meet?” ::scoffing has begun::

“Well you could meet outside with food couldn’t you?”

“no. Sitting at the bottom of the stairs waiting for food to appear is far better than any of your suggestions. And I am the queen of something important. So hush.”


And in this way all arguments with me are resolved. Have a lovely day!

Lovely Day to a Cardinal, Pokey

One comment

  1. TheWaterJar · November 4, 2004

    i see…


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