In half an hour I intend to go unwind. I intend to sit down with a sketch pad, some water and maybe a friend or two in order to hear our friend, the Emo King, who is opening for TheSisterMaria. This is apparently a good thing. I wouldn’t know. I’m just going to support the Emo King. I’m sure it will be great what with people all around and the Cage turned into a… well. It’s not really coffeehouse material is it?

“The Cage,” as we so affectionately call the food joint below the cafeteria, is bright white with unfortunate flecks of red. The acoustics in there are so live that you can hear reverberations for at least a minute and you are left trying to figure out what in the world the words were meant to be. For the Coffeehouse, we tend to turn the lights down and fling a few candles here and there. People pull the overstuffed chairs in toward the makeshift stage and curl up with homework or a book or a latte.

Yet, it’s mostly social. We go there, yes to hear the musicians, but also to be seen. Girls here spend hours getting ready… not like when I head out to Arsaga’s at home. I go in what I went running in or what I worked in that day. Rarely do I hang around a mirror for hours doing make-up just to go to a loud smokey jazz joint. But maybe that’s where it is. Maybe if it were less commonplace to me, I would do the same. Like when I see the King’s Singers – hours of preparation there. Maybe I’m taking for granted something that most people do not have the luxury to enjoy.

However, I am still glad I have that luxury. Sincerely, Pokey


  1. TheWaterJar · October 4, 2004

    you call yourself Pokey? haha that’s cute. i’m not sure if i can say we have an equivalent to what you are describing there. i guess we do…but its more of…sports-bar/eating area/something or another…or something. and its called The Bronco. peace.

  2. fibermom · October 4, 2004

    Yes, you are taking it for granted — both the music and your luck in being a natural beauty, confident, or both. Lots of girls spend hours primping to go to Arsaga’s. Lack of confidence, I would guess.
    We had a place like that where I went to school. The regular food place was called “The Pit.” So when they opened a coffee house next to it, they called it “Annapendulum.” A surprising number of people didn’t get it.
    I couldn’t find Matt’s xanga. Clicking on his name at your chatterbox got me to a very funny thing called “Project Genesis.”
    Hey, I’m very glad you’re back online!

  3. Anonymous · October 4, 2004

    Certainly not coffeehouse material, but it was beautiful I thought. The candles really add to the atmosphere. Is there a show every sunday night?

  4. TheWaterJar · October 5, 2004

    in response to your comment on my site: we all know what a dead body looks like, right? well then just imagine yourself as that dead body. laying there, lifeless. its that simple. we don’t have to think about what comes next, or what the consciousness itself is doing or what it feels like when the body has died. in fact, i’d advise against that, because those matters are all speculative and could potentially lead to some annoying frustrations. instead just imagine the image itself…like that image of the girl. put yourself in her place and pretend you’re dead as a doornail.
    maybe i’m just a weirdo, but there’s something liberating about that. to be able to not be so desperately attached to a notion of life and a notion of the inscrutability of death that you’re able to imagine yourself dead and not feel a lick of apprehension. it makes life itself so much more…joyful. to know you can be TRULY free…that is…not just from infringements by other people, by other institutions, or by the government…but free from what can suppress your freedom even in the absence of all those other things…our own mind with all of its ideas, notions, concepts, speculations, fears, self-pity, etc. etc. etc.
    then again, maybe i’m just a weirdo. peace.

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