Bah ha! Devil of Microsoft, Windows and Blue Screens of Death, I vanquish you! With a slightly pointed carrot and a permanent marker I, the Angry Toad Demigod of Hell Fire, have run you screaming from your surgery!

This can be translated as “Ha ha! I took my PC to the PC ER and it got fixed. I am back on the internet and such but all of my information is missing. I do believe I will cry now.”


  1. Anonymous · October 9, 2004

    …and you know how I feel!
    It’ll get better….
    Love ya,

  2. fibermom · October 9, 2004

    Losing all one’s information is a drag, it is true, but there is so much information around that in a way it is nice to have a fresh start. Soon the whole machine will once again be filled up with information.
    I’m really glad you are back online. I’ve missed you.

  3. TheWaterJar · October 9, 2004

    oh how i hope i can manage to back-up all my important information before that day ever comes for me…if it ever comes…which i hope it never does. peace.

  4. fibermom · October 10, 2004

    You did back up, right? Or have hard copies to copy?

  5. TheWaterJar · October 10, 2004

    yup, interesting…and EVIL!!! peace.

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