“One question haunts and hurts too much mention, was I seeking good or was I just seeking attention?”

I read a very interesting article this morning that dealt with promotions in the business world. Apparently a scientist in Great Britain has discovered a correlation between hard-hearted people and people who get the promotions. People were divided into three groups: nice people, neurotic people and mean people. The reasoning here is that nice people will allow others to walk over them and will always put others above themselves. Neurotic people are neurotic. Mean people will always put themselves first.

This begs the question, then, of motivation. I feel that I am a reasonably successful person and I certainly do not make a point of putting myself first or shooting others down. On the other hand, there are people in my current department who are very mean – we’re talking about people with dirty, two-faced souls – who have little success if any. What is it in this study that causes temperament seem so paramount? Is my situation just a complete abnormality in every sense of the word?

“Good and Evil, and their merits, men have argued through history as well they should. My philosopy, any child can see! Good is evil, so therefore all evil is good.”


  1. Anonymous · September 21, 2004

    AHHHHH WICKED!!!!!!!!!! i love it.
    and i love you!

  2. PerfectlyCopasetic · September 21, 2004

    I would simply state the obvious; the study is a crock. Granted, in some cases (perhaps half) the phenomenon this “scientist” is describing is true, that obviously does not make it noteworthy. Anyhow, who is one to judge which people are more mean spirited than others? Sometimes they simply do it in private…

  3. TheWaterJar · September 21, 2004

    Maybe British people are just…weird…? I dunno. Might have something to do with their bland-ass food. Haha. Peace.

  4. fibermom · September 21, 2004

    The Good have their reward in heaven.

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