I am currently working on a post that details my 24 Hour Date this weekend.

Naturally, that means I have nothing to say at the moment. Feel free to browse around the various rings and subscriptions. Fibermom is of course very interesting with well written opinions in among the knitting updates. However, most of my subscriptions are to friends and will only be interesting if you know them.

Still, enjoy what is there or wait with baited breath.

Sincerely, Pokey


  1. Anonymous · July 14, 2004

    lol yes! people ask me all the time.. they ask me because they barely get to see my older brother since he lives pretty far away ..so they only see the ones who look like my mom, but when they do see my older brother they are like ..”ohhhh I see now!!”
    Which traits did you get? French or Lao?

  2. fibermom · July 14, 2004

    aren’t you sweet!

  3. fibermom · July 15, 2004

    and hey, i am waiting with baited breath.

  4. Anonymous · July 15, 2004

    hey, hmm im trying to imagine what you look like lol ..
    mtn. home isnt really that racially diverse the only races here besides caucasian is ..chinese(they own restraunts) ..a family of koreans(also a restaraunt) Vietnamese(nail shop) ..and a few mexicans because mtn. home is building alot of new stores ..every once in a while we may get a colored person ..its very odd to see one here ..mostly because it’s KKK territory out here..so ususally the only kind of diversity we see here are the asian races.

  5. Anonymous · July 15, 2004

    hey! ..yup! ..it was before my time, but I do know that the KKK has had rallies at our town square before ..but that was a while ago ..one of their main places is somewhere in northern arkansas or something like that(I think) ..i was told all of this by my history teacher and mom lol but yeah the rallies were a while ago ..we are getting a few colored people ..but maybe just a handful..

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