We set out as two people on a date and slowly became little more than a pair of hopelessly lost creatures, whizzing through time and space. Time was bent on being nowhere near when I wanted it to be and space, as far as I’m concerned, was temporarily out of service.

We spent the majority of said date in the car en route to my Aunt’s house. The objective for our game was to leave after church, arrive around 4 pm, chat with Jeff, Jeff, Elena, Lana, Larry, Kiki etc… then head to the drive-in. Sadly, we actually left around 1:30 pm, showed up at 9pm, had peach pie and a chat with Lana, Larry, Kiki and Kiki’s husband, grabbed the house key and immediately headed out to the Drive-In. Beautiful.

After much friendly bantering over what movie to see, what time to see it, what time to wake up and whether or not to make beds in the morning, we were off in the car once again heading up to the college at the impossibly early time of 7 in the morning, which means we left before anyone was awake in the house. During the course of our chatting and singing along with dear old Rod Stewart, we completely missed the St. Louis exit and ended up once again in Kansas.

And saw Duffen’s Optical. I wanted to commit a drive by heckling along the lines of, “You have no idea what you’re doing!” If I had done that, you can be certain that for all eternity the technicians there could say, “Do remember that day some weirdo yelled that we had no clue what we were doing?” and the story would be passed down as some wonderful urban optometrists myth.

Speaking of which, I got back in town at 1:55 which left me with five minutes to get to work where some of my favorite patients were chilling. Those kids are getting so big!

And thus ended the 24 Hour Date.

Sincerely, Pokey


  1. fibermom · July 16, 2004

    I hear through the grapevine that Aunt L. was totally impressed that you guys made the beds and left a thank you card and a gift.

  2. Anonymous · July 16, 2004

    I call them that out of habit ..I was brought up to think that calling them colored was more polite than blacks or black people..  I had no idea where the KKK was centered lol.  I don’t really care about them that much to know of them ..dispicable(sp?) people..
    There is alot of discrimination around certain people here ..when I hear it I don’t usually tend to keep my mouth shut lol ..I usually hear it daily when I am out with friends ..or when I am around their parents..
    When I was in high school someone sent me a death threat note (well they stuck it in my bad when I wasnt paying attnetion) and the whole time they were knocking what race I was ..a few others got the same note ..and then that friday bomb threat by the same kid ..I didn’t take it to personally considering the kid had alot of problems with everybody.. but yeah..it was kinda freaky getting the note …

  3. Anonymous · July 17, 2004

    It’s ok lol ..now that I think about it I have never been asked why I call them that lol, I guess it is because everyone is used to it.
    Yes, I recieved one when I was a sophmore.  I found it in my bag in my history class ..I showed it to my friend who told me to show it to my teacher who told me to take it to the counselors office ..and when I did they said “oh my gosh! another one!” ..they sent me home and called my parents ..but on that friday when the bomb threat was called they gathered up the ones who had recieved letters and got us out first ..I have no idea why ..I would think they would care about everyone the same lol oh well..

  4. Anonymous · July 17, 2004

    Yes, I totally agree with you on the love thing.
    It only got really bad at my school when the columbine thing happened ..and after that it was almost a normal thing … and the odd thing about that kid that did this was he admitted it ..i have no idea where he is at now.
    Where do you work?

  5. Anonymous · July 17, 2004

    I work at a insurance agency ..I get to swab peoples mouths and send out the billing and all that fun stuff lol ..this next year at school im going to intern at a probation office/lawyers office for juveniles ..
    there isnt really anything interesting here to do for fun ..what we usually do during summer is go to the lakes or movies(or in my case go to the tennis courts every other day) ..im trying to think of a place that would be interesting ..

  6. Anonymous · July 17, 2004

    oh yeah lol about more interesting places! ..i absolutely forgot I am in arkansas lol ..im sure you know of Branson and everything there ..but if you wanna be “rugged” there are tons of places to go caving ..especially on my grandfathers land ..its always fun to go into ones that barely anybody else go into …and My friends grandpa lives on the white river so plenty of places to go fishing ..camping ..but im sure they have all that up where you are as well lol and lots of places to go muddin ..lol i think that covers what I would consider fun interesting places

  7. Anonymous · July 18, 2004

    I have to swab peoples mouths because of a drug test it’s for the 100,000 dollar life insurance policy, it makes their car insurance goes down abit.
    I have been playing tennis for about …6 years, how long have you been playing violin? ..its been tons of years ago since i have attempted lol ..I have to find a left-handed one..

  8. Anonymous · July 18, 2004

    I think its awesome you play tennis regardless lol I am always trying to get some of my friends who don’t play alot to come and play with me (since the ones that do always want to take it seriously ALL the time)..even tho we hit it into other peoples courts alot haha ..it’s great fun.
    It was really comftorable for me to play (I should say try to play) on the right side when I was little..maybe its because I’m left-handed.  And when I get another one I will have to buy a tape or something ..or just teach myself how to play it since there is no teachers here for that …I’m pretty sure I can do it ..I have taught myself how to play everything else ..if not I will crack down and try to find somebody lol..

  9. Anonymous · July 18, 2004

    Thank you ..I am hoping the boldness will pay off.  I became more interested in it when I got older, but the stresses of jr. high and high school caused major upset to my out of school life lol

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