Um. Hi. Here’s how things are going right now. Check it out.

The nice guys and girls I speak to at school rarely speak to me because, hello?, they are in a different state. Fab.

The nice girl I talk to here has given me o’er for the likes of some red head she thinks she’s going to marry. Ha.

The nice guys I talk to here are either unstable in one way or another, attached (well done Clay) or too old to be considered (we’re talking geriatric).

My family has three teens in it. Well, one and two halves really. One full on brat teen, one who’s almost there and one who left a good two years ago but still can eat as much as the other two… poor mama.

Soon, I will publish to this site a few really interesting things.

But not yet.

Sincerely, Pokey

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  1. Anonymous · June 10, 2004

    Sepha, I know exactly how you freaking feel!
    Everyone that I know is in Missouri and I am in stinky Kansas.
    States suck!

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