As many of you may know, I recently began a big decorating project. That project was decorating my room in the Japonist style of the twenties. We began by painting the wall in a manner that ended up making the whole thing look like an Italian fresco and then turned the bed toward the middle of the room. We hung three posters on one wall and set the dresser along the opposing wall. The Tv is facing the middle of the room from one corner and the mini dry garden is sitting on the dresser next to the cup o’ writing implements and in front of two formidable Terra Cotta Warriors.

So. Why do I tell you this? Other than the obvious fact that I am in love with this room, I tell you this because my mother is currently trying to convince me that I want to put up the wallpaper border. And it goes something like this:

Mom: After lunch we’ll put up your border.

Me: How about after dinner. It’s hot.

Mom: (one hour later) Let’s do your border.

Me: I am in the middle of something.

Mom: After you’re done then?

Me: Ok.

Etc…. you can see how this whole thing shapes up. We’ve been trying to do this for a week at the very least. Well done.

But now, I should probably consider actually going to do that border – oh wait! Mom’s busy now.

Sincerely, Pokey

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