After having been away from the collegiate realm for a good month or so now, thus free of the amazing mental barrage of college, I find myself with a lot of time to think. Not to say that I have free time but I certainly have a lot of time when I am not talking, singing, studying etc… basically when I’m in the car. Sad day.

However, as I was saying, this allows me to have a great amount of time to think and I have reached conclusions about many things. I have realized lots about myself, my family, my attitude, guy friends, girl friends, boyfriends and the way I interact with all of the above. At one point I even had a revelation about my excuses for not working out (currently a moot point as I work out every other day now).

But first I will detail a little on a subject that enough people will be concerned about that they may consider reading the rest – that subject being human interaction specifically between men and women.

A Few Amazing Revelations About Guys, Girls and their Interactions: Part One

1. In order for a guy and a girl to have an entirely friendly relationship, requires at least a measure of physical antipathy. This in and of itself is rare since, in order for a guy and girl to talk, some attraction (physical or otherwise) is generally necessary. Moreover, if there is any aversion in the relationship at all, it is quite unlikely that it will be a mutual aversion.

2. Guys listen more than you think. My little brother certainly looked like he wasn’t listening to a word my mother was saying but definitely repeated the whole thing back to her nearly word for word. Guys, when they are young, like to pretend they are too cool to hear you even when they do. Similarly, older guys act like they didn’t hear you so that later on they can “happen” to do just the right thing. This technique effectively launches him into good standing in a lady’s mind and he’s already a step ahead of the game. Well done.

3. Girls don’t listen as much as they say. Yeah. I know. Often we start listening, but as soon as we think we know what is going to be said we stop all proceedings and move on to the next subject as if any conversation lasting longer than five minutes would cause the world to explode. Or even simply stop listening. This is generally done while in the middle of fights. Unfair surely.

4. Many girls have made a habit of getting their way through pretty faces, charming personalities, striking beauties and a number of other “feminine arts.” These things, when tempered with the right balance of assertive womanhood and sweet girl-next-door, allow us to behave just about as outrageously as we wish. When we do make a dog‘s breakfast of things, either a male will defend our “sweet girl-next-door” or our assertive woman will kick in and we’ll defend ourselves.

5. The Alpha Male Syndrome. There is a natural tendency in most males to protect. They must protect their area, their possessions and those around them who are weaker (women and little brothers apparently). However, some males are more inclined to this end and become the proverbial Alpha Males. They are bigger and more important in some aspect which puts them higher in the social pecking order. There is usually a display of this idea that manifests itself in major ways (such as the Alphas of a family owning two cars each while the brother, sister and mother all share one car).

– On a side note: Alphas are not necessarily males. That is just the common use of the phrase. I have found myself in situations where I am the default Alpha and as you all know, I’m not the biggest or most powerful in any way.

– On another side note: There are many instances where it would seem that something is a display of being on top (the biggest or most expensive car) but remember that there are false displays of power along with real ones. I find that those people who pretend or hope to be Alphas (whether male or female) make a big show of their power or their “toys” whereas those people who are really in a position of dominance, do not press the point. Big Stick governing as it were.

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