Ahhhhh…. so yeah. This week has been nothing but cleaning and driving. Non-stop. One or the other. All week. Not one day has been excluded in the fun. Each and every – surely you get the idea. Not that many of you read this, but it’s not all for you anyway. Ha. How about that?

On the upside, however, I get a lot of time to think when I’m working so that’s a plus. An odd form of meditation really, but still what can be done?

I actually just finished scrubbing a floor for three hours so I’m not in the mood to type much. I will have to do the same tomorrow, scrub that is, so I’m feeling a little worn but that’s ok.

The Olivers need a prayer as well as the DiVilbiss’ and the Burnsides. Surgery, death and injury respectively.

Yay for rain. Poo for no friends here. I hope that Firehouse gets it’s act together. I hope that I get my act together. I hope that that party tomorrow will go well. I hope that I wake up in time to finish my wallpaper before then…

Sincerely, Pokey

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