Last year I had a roommate who was very much into the Greek scene. She rushed and pledged to her favorite letters and now is residing happily in Semple. From this roommate, I learned all about the Greek system and came to even recognize the individual frats and sororities on campus and when she first told me that we were the proud home of a chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha… I was not only taken aback but seriously doubting my choice of schools.

You see, the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity is notorious for their wild antics and party animal lifestyles. They are the national party animal fraternity that routinely hires strippers for bid day parties and gives alcohol to minors! There are many accounts (pictures mostly) of Lambda Chi doors being broken in druken stupors, shamings of those who passed out from drunken stupors and ladies in drunken stupors with LCA written on various nearly nude body parts. The bastards. That has to be bad karma or something.

Still, every man is innocent until proven guilty. I am not one to pass a unanimous judgement on an entire organization simply because of a reputation. I will almost always keep an open mind about them so that I can see them for what they are and I must tell you that, as a whole, I have come to really love our chapter of Lambda Chi.

These boys have never been collectively proven guilty in my mind. The most disruptive thing they advocate is the Girls and Melons thing… what? Right. Watermelon Fest or something. Naturally there are the demons that each person has and the bad seeds that evey frat and sorority has, but overall these guys are golden!

Well done boys.

Sincerely, Pokey


  1. sexican5_2 · May 25, 2004

    i hate the city love the people, my friends know i would do anything for them.
    i will always love the JC people and hate the JC culture/city.

  2. GreenDespair · May 27, 2004

    True that…true that… we haven’t had any strippers for bid day yet, but we’re still working on it!

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