My parents have turned me off of “normal” coffee for all of eternity. My dad recently found his old coffee was no longer good enough compared to Gevalia coffee, which apparently is a shining beacon for all other coffees to follow.

“Pfft. Who needs expensive coffee anyway?” said I, quizzical look plastered on my face.

“Oh, Saphie.” says dad with a shake of his head while he retreated to the garage.

“The other kind just doesn’t smell like coffee when you make it,” explained Der Mammer, “besides I got a fantastic coffee/tea maker duo thing and it’s phenomenal.”

So I tried the perpetrator that was in the percolator and found that it was indeed much better than Folgers.

Sigh. This means more things for me to have expensive tastes about. I better be a fantastic singer when I graduate or I’ll have to marry for money!

Sincerely, Pokey

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