Watching Drop Dead Diva

In another late to the party moment, I’ve been watching the show Drop Dead Diva. It’s a story about an aspiring model who died and basically broke a rule which caused her to wind up in someone else’s body. Not dead, but not strictly alive either.

As I watch it, I find that I am torn between the loving the situations that the comedy is built around, and trying to reconcile some very complex philosophical thoughts.

There are a number of situations that, were you dropped into a body that was not yours, are unexpected but inevitable. Getting used to new clothing, suddenly having access to someone else’s education, and constantly confusing people you once knew for people who will know you now.

There are also major philosophical questions that seem to merely get glossed over. The existence of an afterlife. The concept of soulmates. The ethical issues involved with being a model who essentially stole the life of a lawyer.

If there is such a thing as identity theft by way of possession, then that girl has herself a court case.Some questions are dealt with in a pretty subtle way. The main character’s path to understanding that looks aren’t everything is a long and somewhat tortured one, as it is for many people. The healing power of time when it comes to grieving the loss of a loved one is a constant and resonating theme throughout the series.And that’s all in two seasons. I’m pretty excited to see what sort of journey the next season takes me on.

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