The Last 5 Years

It’s been five years, very nearly to the day, since I wrote on this blog. It hasn’t been that long since I wrote, though. I’ve been writing pieces sporadically for single-subject blogs dedicated to data science, women in technology, and marketing.

Much like the Jason Robert Brown musical that shares a name with this post, a lot happened in that short amount of time. I stopped working in insurance and started working in advertising. During my time at the advertising agency I provided SEO recommendations before I moved on to data science, and from data science to business analysis.

After that I bought a dog.

Before all that and after all that I stayed working with my community. Organizing tech events, speaking about digital literacy, and a constant attendee, I have spent a lot of time in Kansas City’s tech scene.

And so now… it’s time to blog again!

I can’t promise it will always be thought provoking. I can’t promise that it will be provoking at all. It will showcase my dog Pepper. A lot. It will probably showcase my cooking adventures. It will definitely include my never-ending quest for amazing ramen.

I do promise myself that I’ll do 20 little minutes of writing a day! Most days. 🙂

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