I am absolutely filled with happy right now. I went with my best friend to a trivia night and didn’t lose horribly. I had a fast moving day at work, I’ve got that festie feeling, and I’ve had brain expanding discussions in the past few days. Always makes for good news.

Let me tell you the really cool thing I learned just now.

There is an auto-cauterizing agent available that doesn’t heat up. It’s made of chitosan which is present in the shells of crustaceans. Crustaceans can become injured yet not bleed.

So you pour this stuff on your bleeding wound and poof you stop bleeding. Or so I’m told. I mean, I don’t do anything nearly dangerous enough to have that be a real area of concern for me, but if I did then I would want some of that Celox stuff and quick.

I can’t even begin to imagine a situation in which I would need that.

I suppose if I were shot, though I think the internal issues present would be just as perilous as the bleed-out itself. Or if I were in a wreck, though of course we find that people often aren’t able to reach anything while pinned in among wreckage. I did consider the reality of a severe papercut, but you can imagine the looks I would get for using a cauterizing agent of any kind on a papercut no matter how painful.

These scenarios, of course, also assume that I carry pouches of Celox around with me. I pointed this out to M Marine which whom I was having this enlightening conversation.

“Well, why wouldn’t you,” he said, writing as we spoke. “I do.”
“Yea, I still have my first aid kit.”

Of course he does.


  1. fibermom · December 15, 2009

    Crustaceans blood is blue, too.

  2. lostarts · December 15, 2009

    3M makes a spray-on band aid. When you go to the store, read labels carefully. Some sting. Be sure to get the kind that doesn’t sting.This stuff is also good to spray on a skin area that’s getting lots of abrasion to stop the damage from happening. It’s almost like an instant callus.It’s clear, essentially invisible, and you don’t have to remove it; it’ll come off by itself when it’s done working.It won’t help you with something that’s really big or really deep that is bleeding exuberantly, though. For that, you’ll probably want the stuff you’re talking about.

  3. chanthaboune · December 15, 2009

    @lostarts – I’m not actually likely to need either, really. This conversation was right up there with the conversation we had over coffee about what would happen if two galaxies were to collide.We’re just a couple of nerds!

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