Tonight I begin massive party prep. I will cook the meats and chill them. I’ll mix together the fillings. I will cut brie into 52 little pieces or something equally stupid. I will perhaps make brownie pops rolled in peppermint candy shards.

This weekend is my annual Eggnog party!

I’m in a new apartment which will present its own trouble for me. Such as not being able to buzz people in and therefore having to take the long ride down every time someone arrives. Various groups of people will be in attendance and frankly I’m sure there will be people coming who have yet to respond so it will be a serious surprise once it all gets underway.

It is because of this surprise that I’ve decided to stop fretting over who will be in attendance or who will eat what. I will make food and if they are in need of special dietary things then they will certainly bring their own food. That’s not to say I haven’t taken into account normal food deviances.

I have things with no dairy.
I have things with no meat.
I have all organic things.
I have non-alcoholic things.
I have alcoholic things.
Spicy and not.
Warm and not.

If there is anything outside those things then people can just go hungry.


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