In the past week, which is about as long as it’s been since I’ve written, we’ve had a tanker carrying hydrochloric acid wreck in front of my apartment. It has snowed. I’ve gotten and gotten rid of some yucky illness. I’ve gone to and returned from my parents’ place for Thanksgiving. I’ve committed to and given up on resolutions (resolutions can’t possibly be made before the holidays, now can they?).

And after working fourteen hours today I came home and thought I should balance my budget.

I have gotten far enough behind in my normal life things that it’s a little overwhelming to start going through them. There are a number of things that I know should have been done already which get swept up in this miring pile of things which will soon be too late to get done.

Perhaps I should take up sleeping only four hours a night like my mother.

In the midst of all this there are also the ever-burning questions that we (my girlfriends and I) are coming across more and more these days. They are things we didn’t consider before but, suddenly on the eve of becoming defined as “late twenties”, we are beginning to get concerned over. We all got together recently and had a good complain about boys which ended up with some of crying.

Boys + rants = crying. Possible solution? Stop ranting about boys. Likely? Not really.

Thanks for playing! See you again tomorrow!

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