I’m making shortbread cookies for the office party today and when I told JJ about this he said the following:

“You’re going to take sweets to an office full of people who are always ungrateful. You’re going to be mad when they are ungrateful. Just bring them to me.”

To which I said:

“You’ve been known to be ungrateful, too.”

We all have our bad moments, I feel, and I do not do these things because I must. I am kind for the sake of kindness not because someone else is kind. If we all only were nice to those who were already nice, then we’d end up mired in a state of self-pitying melancholy that would rival any teenager who had been forced to take tea with the women’s circle.

It’s not that I am pleased when people are brats. No one is, after all, it’s just that sometimes you need to provide a pick-me-up.

Beyond that, though, is the fact that I really enjoy cooking and baking. All that enjoyment does not, of course, lead to being able to eat all of the stuff I make so I am always happy to share it around.

It’s not often the case, either, that anyone is flat mean about it. They are, I’m sure, trying to make conversation when they tell me that it could use more sugar. They don’t necessarily know that I’m not much a sweets eater so I just don’t end up with terribly sweet stuff. They don’t necessarily know that I cook using natural ingredients instead of Crisco and canned peaches so they just expect something with that potent chemical-enhanced flavor.

So I just carry on. Why would anyone stop me?

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