“I’m not getting sick, I’m not getting sick, I’m not getting sick,” I thought to myself. “Perhaps if I click my heels…”

It’s not that I felt sick particularly, just exhausted. I didn’t even imagine I was sick until church yesterday when everyone kept asking if I felt sick.

I took the soup they offered to me, of course, and then went home to prepare for a meeting. However, I fell asleep instead of preparing for the meeting so when I got the call for the meeting it was a definite shock. I searched blindly around my bedside table for the ringing phone and by the time I’d found it had missed the call entirely. I called back, they called back, my computer wouldn’t wake up, I wouldn’t wake up.

It is as much fun as it sounds.

Shortly after the meeting, I made myself a cup of tea, turned on Kiss Me Kate, and made a hot buttered bagel before falling to sleep once again. I woke up around three to a pinging phone (it was JJ texting to say he missed me), switched to a new movie, and fell asleep again. Around seven I woke up to a severely hungry tummy and decided to watch Ziegfeld Girl, a movie I totally don’t get, while eating soup and cheesy crackers.

I also responded to the mini-flurry of texts from JJ.

I went back to bed at ten, ignoring my phone which rang and buzzed until 1230a when it finally goes to sleep. Mostly my day was sleeping punctuated by food.

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