The fam is in town this weekend, but I’m not available all day today.

They are going to the zoo and I hope they get some good pictures!

We went to dinner last night at a very environmentally conscious restaurant where we had lots of fun chatting. We also spent a lot of time being amazed at the curious things that made them feel they were good for the earth. Paper straws which were reminiscent of toilet paper tubes. Toilets that flushed one way for “liquid waste” and another way for “solid waste”. Using Boraxo powdered soap instead of liquid soap.

I must admit that I was wildly confused by the soap situation.

There was a lever shaped in what I assumed was a push/pull shape. It was ergonomically designed for pushing backward, frankly, so I pushed on it backward and it didn’t budge. So I thought to myself “Ah! It must be a pull me kind of thing and just badly designed.”

So I pulled and nothing happened.

I push and pulled, perhaps a little vigorously for a few moments when some white powder fell onto my hand. My immediate thought was “Oh I’ve ripped it from the wall. Surely I’m not that strong.” I started to gently wiggle the handle and shortly thereafter discovered that, not only did I not pull the dispenser from the wall, but it was a ‘raise the bar and receive some weird grains of soap’ type dispenser.

After this little fiasco we decided that we wanted to watch a movie. Harry Potter, we decided on, and went to buy the tickets. I had gotten all the way through the transaction, was handing over my card to pay, and was asked “Is everyone 21?”

“No,” I replied, “but you don’t have to be 21 to see a movie about wizards do you?”
“It’s in the suites,” he said, he started playing with a facial piercing.

The suites are fun at this theater. It’s like a restaurant and bar and movie theater in one. Since there is alcohol being served you naturally must be 21. I don’t know why they put Harry Potter into a theater which require you to be 21.

I realise that I could have lied.

“You just lost our business,” my brother said to no one in particular. “That’s on you.”

We went, then, to the Plaza to watch Harry Potter and took pictures with the bronze penguins while we waited. Movie popcorn with cheese powder, which I poured pretty much all over my sister, made the whole thing fun and eventful despite the group of loud tweens who were obviously there just to get away from their parents.

They were there for a party that no one else wanted to attend. Everyone else wanted to attend a movie like people do when they arrive at a movie theater. We moved house as it were partway through the movie lest one of us turned around and said mean things.

Or punched them facially.

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  1. fibermom · August 9, 2009

    sounds like good times

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