Sinful Ceaser Sniffed his Snifter…

I decided that I need to do something about my mugs and glasses. That’s not to say I have too many faces nor do I have too many vision enhancing spectacles, but rather too many beverage holding items.

I doubt you were actually confused by this.

I decided this because I was doing my dishes last night and realised that I have bits and pieces of glassware. I have a set of eight mugs, a set of four mugs and five juice glasses, which are about the only complete sets I have. In addition to these I also have incomplete sets of red wine glasses, brandy snifters, jelly jar juice glass things, martini glasses and other things I don’t even recognize.

It’s not even like they are all incomplete sets in the same number. I have three of these, two of those, a couple three of that. I’ve considered just keeping all of them and using them for gift-type things. Birthday cake parfait arranged elegantly in a commemorative brandy snifter or layers of your favorite candies in an oversized wine glass.

It might be nice.

But when I say that I have bits and pieces, I should be sure to let you know what that means. It means I have a collection of random mugs which occupy half a cupboard, wine glasses that occupy an entire cupboard, and a 2’x2′ box filled with glassware I can’t even begin to number to you.


Anyone need some brandy snifters?

One comment

  1. fibermom · August 6, 2009

    I love the gift idea. If you don’t do that, pass them on to me and I’ll do it.

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