The continued saga of my lead character, Bella Biondi


My terribly eloquent response was, “Um.”

                “I was thinking the pink striped shirt with brown pants.”

                “Oh no. No stripes and certainly no pink. Not with frosted hair and your light complexion. Ow! I’m sorry. Will you hold on, the dog is going mad.”

                I moved the phone away from my head and looked at Big Dog. He was going wild pulling at his lead and barking in a most undignified fashion. “Big Dog! Stop! What are you doing? Sit. Puppy, sit! Ok. Now what is the big deal about?”

                “Hello? Bella? Hey! I don’t have time to wait for you to deal with a dog, Bella. I have places to be! My future success depends on this interview and you are fighting with a dog?”

                “Your future success is not dependant upon this one interview,” I snapped. Big Dog was whining again so I decided I should try to wrap up the conversation as quickly as possible before people got annoyed. “Ok. How about the cobalt blue button-up shirt with the charcoal slacks… Dog, stop it! Sorry-”

                Just then Big Dog gave one mighty jerk that spun me around and I was shocked to see a tallish man glaring in my direction. Though he had beautiful dark hair, he was not exactly attractive in khaki shorts and a polo shirt. His craggy face was frozen into a Byronic glare. “Ok, Mr. Polo,” I thought, “it’s impolite to stare and now I’ve caught you in the act. That means stop.” I turned and continued talking to Baron.

                “What kind of product should I wear in my hair? Gel you think?”

                “No no no. Not gel. You want to look a little casual since you’re wearing dressy clothes. I’d go for a little hair wax, gold tint if you have some. Put it at the roots of your hair and arrange it in-” and there was a tap on my shoulder. “Can you hold on?” I turned only to find that Mr. Polo had completely broken every rule of etiquette and moved in for the kill. Or the shoulder poke, I suppose.

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  1. Anonymous · August 21, 2004

    hey! wow it took me about 30 mins to get to your site and post a comment lol on my friends computer ..lets just say they reallllly need to upgrade haha!  Your school does sound nice maybe one of these days I will tour it..
    I’ll try not to work myself sick lol it will be hard!  ttyl! -tim-

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