The Chinese restaurant is the obvious solution, since it sells its food out on the sidewalk. I get good food and my dog gets to come with me. We stopped by the hotdog stand where I picked up a hotdog with no toppings, a bottle of water and a fresh squeezed lemonade, then headed to the Chinese food vendor.  Straight off the grill I got two egg rolls, teriyaki wings and a dish of fried rice, then picked through the crowd toward a nice sunny picnic table. I pulled the collapsible, portable dog dish from my bag, poured water in one side, chucked the hotdog in the other and as Big Dog tucked into his treat of a meal I looked out at the people passing us by. From time to time people stopped to pat the dog and I found myself  repeatedly explaining that I was looking for his owner, but mostly I watched the consumers haggling for lower prices on their produce and performers doing fantastic leaps for a little cash. The warm tones of a violin danced across the Market and I savored every stroke of the bow across the strings as I finished my rice. I looked at Big Dog and was about to tell him we were leaving as my phone rang. I poured more water into his dish as I looked at the screen flashing the words “CALLER: Unknown.”


            “Hey Bella?”


            “Hey, it’s Baron. I’m having a problem.”

            “Well you’ll have to call someone else. My car is still being cleaned from the last time you had a problem.”

            “Not that kind of problem. Are you kidding? It’s only lunch time. What do you think I am? A lush!”

            “Yes,” I told him, without a hint of a joke in my voice. This whole situation was making me very mad.

            “Seriously, babe. I am about to head to an audition.”

            “Doesn’t sound like a problem, babe.”

            “No. My problem is that I just frosted my hair, remember? So I have no clue what to wear.”

            Ok. I know what you’re thinking. Totally not straight. However, he is straight and I would also like to point out that he is a model. A model with very little brain power and that’s fine because he is also extremely attractive.

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  1. fibermom · August 20, 2004

    I finished and felted them, but much good it did me!

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