A Serialized Novel

I couldn’t sleep. It had been the longest week of my life and the weekend was not looking any better and as I stared up at the intangible darkness I wondered what I was thinking. Breakfast, lunch and dinner all with assorted lawyers and philanthropists on Saturday and then on Sunday, lunch and dinner with various doctors and business owners. I wonder if I can push it all back a week. I’ll try to do that. First thing in the morning. They will understand. I’m a busy person. I turned to look at the pattern the lights from the highway made on my wall when I heard the clock begin to chime. It was thirty minutes after some really late time at night when my phone rang jerking my attention back to more tangible things. I fished for the cordless nightmare in my bag and was blinded by the screen flashing the words “CALLER: Playa.”


“Oh good you’re awake,” said the young tenor voice at the other end. “You are awake aren’t you, Bella? If this is a bad time just let me know.”

“No no. I’m up,” I said trying to repress the anger I could feel coming. “What is it you need?”

“A ride. I know it’s late but what would you ever do if you knew that your boyfriend had died in a drunken car wreck because you were too tired to deal with him? I’m in Westport. You know where. Thanks, babe!”

Dial tone. Naturally. Why would you ever give someone time to tell you to get a cab? With a stretch I swung my legs over the edge of the bed and headed to the bathroom to brush my teeth and put in my contacts.

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  1. AlwaysSingin · August 11, 2004

    Um, jerk?By the way, I miss you, Josepha!

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