I don’t understand why the people in my parents’ generation have any difficulty with computers. I don’t understand why a large portion of them can’t do more than exactly what they were shown to do. I really don’t understand why they blame every electrical problem on the computer. So I asked! And this is how it was put to me.

My mother grew up when computers were in the early developmental stages. These are the things she associated with computers:

1) Computers were terribly sensitive and would self-destruct if not dealt with properly. See Desk Set if you do not understand what I mean.

2) Computers were mainly used to detonate huge destructive trajectories that were involved mainly in wars. It was not a toy as it is now.

So you see, when older people go into fits over the new desk top you put on, or blame every electronic mishap on this new PC, it’s only out of habit. Nothing more, nothing less.


  1. Anonymous · August 5, 2004

    Hey you’re exactly right.  My grandmother ran IBMs “Big Blue” in the fifties and today she can’t even surf the web.  Well I hope you are enjoying the last weeks of summer.  Maybe we can talk on aim sometime.

  2. LPhiE_NiZzLe · August 5, 2004

    I see you’re in the “Minority as a Majority” blogring…just letting you know, I’m intolerant of your culture.


  3. PerfectlyCopasetic · August 6, 2004

    This must be a daughter of fibermom. Not quite sure which one is you, but the female on the right is quite striking. I’ve never had the experience of elderly with computers as you have. My father was always in the know, and taught me everything he knew. I suppose I was lucky.

  4. Anonymous · August 9, 2004

    yup, it has been going great these few weeks lol!! I have a few hard times thanks to certain “topics” lol (im trying to sound smart:D) I’m gonna live out the greatness until something disrupts it again!! 🙂 ttyl!! -tim- 

  5. fibermom · August 9, 2004

    I think Dan’s comment was a joke. Not a good one, but he apparently just has too much free time.

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