I was told tonight that I came from a good gene pool. Someone asked about my heritage and when I told him, I was greeted by a somewhat shocked stare.

“I must say that the result is a gorgeous figure. Well. I mean to say, that you have a gorgeous figure. Or rather… you are beautiful.”

How’s that for tongue tied?


  1. fibermom · July 28, 2004

    Okay, saying you are beautiful is romantic, but saying you have a gorgeous figure is a bit lame. Was he nervously sputtering, because he meant to say you were beautiful but ended up blurting out that you had a gorgeous figure? And will he be completely humiliated to read about it online?

  2. Anonymous · July 28, 2004

    Hey! Yeah it does suck, but he will get through it!
    Lol I don’t usually hit on people ..I’m a bit shy like that lol!

  3. GreenDespair · July 29, 2004

    hey, I’m glad you like my new picture!! I like yours too, haha.

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