I tallied my projects. I sat down and counted how many I have going and the number is unbelievable! Five knitting things, one sewing thing floating about somewhere (yeah. I lost it…), one scrapbook with two pages planned and waiting to be put together, one novel with an Aunt to be added, one set of studies on love to put together for my sister and brother-in-law… that alone gives me nine things to do. You may be asking why I do this, although I bet I beat you to it, and the answer is terribly obvious to all of you who have lived with me (that includes my family).

I like to always be busy, but I run out of patience after doing the same thing for more than four hours. Or six if it’s something really cool! The three things I am currently concentrating are 1) my new knitted shoulder wrap, 2) becoming a grand musical pundit and 3) getting my sketches ready to send to my sister.

if you have any good ideas for using sketches in anniversary gifts, send them my way. I’m entirely uninspired.

Sincerely, Pokey

One comment

  1. fibermom · July 26, 2004

    It’s good to have a lot of projects in hand. That way you never get bored. And you have something to do, whatever mood you may be in.
    So how will you know when you have become a grand musical pundit?


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