Oh sweet angel of mercy
With your grace like the morning
Wrap your loving arms around me
Oh sweet angel of mercy
With your grace like the morning
Wrap your loving arms around me

I have been thinking a lot about me recently. It’s selfish, I know… but that’s that thing that brought it on. Lately, I’ve been called bratty, cocky and obnoxious.  I have never felt that these are words that would describe me, so I have been concentrating very hard on not doing what it is that caused people to point it out.

I can’t figure it out, though. What about me has become so horrible that you all feel compelled to tell me about it. A few of you that have told me this, read this site. So oblige me and tell me the problem.

Hey unfaithful, ungraceful, unloving… I will love you.


  1. fibermom · July 23, 2004

    Well, it is true that you have an occasional bratty moment, as who among us does not. And “cocky” is not that bad a thing to be called. We all know that you do not, ahem, have any self-esteem issues. Good thing, too, since you intend to perform for a living. We know plenty of talented performers who cannot make their living that way simply because they are too thin-skinned to survive it.
    But “obnoxious”? Never! As my mother always says, “Consider the source.” Was it some boy you have spurned? Or, heaven forbid, some boy who has spurned you? Was it someone whom you respect, or someone who is perhaps a little obnoxious him/herself? I know a lot of people who know you, and I think that most of us think you are very charming.
    What I think about criticism is this: first, consider whether there is an element of truth in it, so that you can benefit from it. It sounds as though you are doing that already. Then, having benefited from any part of the comment that is true, forget it!

  2. Anonymous · July 23, 2004

    hey there.. I know I don’t know you from face to face experiences, but I have read your site and I do not think in any way you are “obnoxious”, “bratty”(are they saying that you are that 24/7) or “cocky”.  There is a big difference between those things and being confident.. which I think you are (from reading your site).. I agree with fibermom, if you can benefit by it.. IF it is in the least bit true ..do so, but then forget about it.  If it makes ya feel any better I have been called all those things to (which I’m sure alot of people have) but yeah don’t worrk about it šŸ™‚ (hope that all came out right lol) ttyl!!! -tim

  3. Anonymous · July 23, 2004

    Your welcome, yeah haha I was also really tired and the pool was freezing that day!
    No, I don’t badmouth girls if they reject me ..I have never really been rejected before (I try not to put myself up for rejection) ..but I have been before ..I just let it go and didn’t worry about it …and if he is going to talk bad about you because you rejected him ..he must have a problem ..I guess it’s different for different people ..I hope everything works out!

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