For those of you who read this site on a regular basis, you will notice that recently my posts have been a little less than promptly one a day. This is quite an odd thing for one who has become so fond of writing , such as myself. The problem is that I have been working my way through the book I am currently writing. I’ve been on the same paragraph for nearly two weeks and it’s getting very old.

Regardless of how fun and or trying this project can be, I love it and when I read what I’ve written… well. Two things come to mind. The first is that no one alive would ever have this happen to them and would most certainly never say what my characters always say.

The second thing is a question of names. The names for the cast of this comedic journey, were at one point set out according to the way the first names and last names worked together. However, since I only have a limited set of names to work with (you can’t give someone a name that you don’t know), my characters end up being “named after” my friends and coworkers. I am constantly trying to revise the names so that no one bears any resemblance to anyone else. This has been the hardest part of writing the stupid thing.

No. It’s not stupid. I love it. Like cake!

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