And finally, the Alpha Male Syndrome. That thing in people that drives them to be territorial, protective and better. The thing that makes them hold a higher place in the social pecking order and the thing that makes them attractive to other people. Really. I swear. Just bear with me. Being an Alpha, though it mostly has to do with natural attributes, can be broken down into general categories and points. I will try to outline it without getting terribly wordy though I highly doubt I will succeed.

First, what does it take to be an Alpha? Uh yea. Good question. Upon close contact with those who are considered Alphas, you will find that they excel in some part or portion of life whether that be a physical attribute, intellectual capacity or above average success. Those who are larger (whether in height or girth), more attractive or more talented than the average person will often command more attention than average because he or she is so extraordinary to see.

All of these attributes, however, must be coupled with the correct attitude. Arrogance is not the correct attitude. There must be a smooth confidence about you. You must be trustworthy, endearing and genuine. So you know others think you’re amazing because that’s what they say, right? You know you’re amazing too but, because you are Alpha material and not arrogant, you demure slightly and mention the others that were part of your success. That, is the attitude you want. A charm that casts a most becoming glow on those around you. You don’t defer enough for people to stop the compliments but enough to be a “nice guy.”

Or a “nice girl” as the case may be. This is no longer only limited to males! It can be yours with just three simple payments of $19.99 and one really hard payment of $1,999.00! I am probably kidding. Moving on! You will just as often find an Alpha Female as you do an Alpha Male. However, for conservation of movement (namely mine), I will refer to it as it has always been referred, IE Alpha Male.

So now we know that to be an Alpha you must be better at something, you must be confident without being arrogant and you must have a reasonable amount of humility. Got it. So now we have our status and with every level of status there is an equal symbol of said status. You have more cars, clothes or boyfriends/girlfriends. Alternately, you can also spend much more on these things in which case you may find that you have an ugly box of a car called an Element, racks of clothes that are unsuitable for work or too memorable to wear very often and beautiful boyfriends/girlfriends that might lack in other areas (you know, like morality, intelligence and character).

This is of course where things get really sticky. Like jam. Like effing jam. From time to time we see Hollow Alphas who have the symbols or attitude required to be an Alpha but none of the basic heart and foundational needs to be a true Alpha. They are whole people but not whole Alphas and as a result, often cave in to the demands and even simply the density of a true Alpha’s character.

Everyone has some natural inclination toward trying to be the best, but some people are equipped with the extra things that help. To illusrate this and all of my other points,take my two friends Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones. Both men are tall, attractive, talented and charming; they exude confidence and love life. At first glance it would appear that they are both perfectly capable of being at the top of the heap, but I (having had two years to get to know them both) know them better than that.

Mr. Smith, while seeming confident, actually has very little trust in his abilities and has less trust in the people around him that offer help. He is intimidated by people who can do better and are doing better and covers this insecurity by being loud, outspoken and forward. This is not what you’d call a smooth confidence in oneself. Mr. Jones, while soft spoken, has the utmost respect for himself and others around him. People know he’s good and people trust him yet he’s never quick to take resposibility for a job well done. Both have symbols of status and the outward appearance of confidence but if they are brought together, Mr. Smith would certainly buckle to the density of Mr. Jones’ character.

Thanks for your help Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones!

Sincerely, Pokey

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