She held open the door as her companions manuvered her boxes inside the doors of the station. She moved to the counter as the two placed her boxes to the side and calmly cleared her throat as she waited to be helped. Tall, dark and fit, the three of them commanded attention without much effort and before long there were people coming to her aid. Leaning on the counter, she pointed to her boxes and asked how she could go about shipping them and as she pulled her arm back to her side, nearly hit the enormous box that was protruding from the scale at her right.

She looked at the box as though it were the inner thoughts of a teenage male displayed in grapic form as the old man behind the counter explained the shipping proceedure. Half aware of what was going on she nodded, sending her dark hair cascading over her face again, and took up the pen that was wrapped in yards of packing tape. The box looked like it contained a boat or a large banana shaped sculpture and she puzzled over it while filling out label after label for her boxes. The closer of the two males that had so graciously helped her move, glided up behind her in that silent manner of his and nearly sent her into fits when she heard his voice just behind her. “It looks like a kayak,” he said. The only response she could muster from her chords that had instantly parched at the surprise was a flacid, “M Hm.”

Whether he moved away from her due to her unintentional bristling or his lack of words will be a question unlikely to be answered. The opportunity for clarity will be forever lost in that silence they held for a moment.

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