Your reputation far preceeded you. At first mention of you, I knew just who they were talking about and the more I heard about you… the less I thought I’d want to meet someone who was obviously so close to the public eye. I have since come to the realization that people simply like to speculate about you. I have grown to think of you as a great friend and teacher. May we always find comfort in our mutual friendship.

To say that I ever hoped to meet you would be a gross exaggeration, but now that I have I can’t say I regret it. The girl I was sitting with pointed you out across the way and beckoned for you to come over. Even as she was waving frantically, I was wishing I could tell her to stop. However, what reason could I have given her? Stop waving or you’ll fall over… stop waving or I’ll fall over… these did not seem to be realistic options. So wave she did and over you came. As you drifted through the crowd like liquid gold you flashed the obligatory smile, charming the women and causing men to keep an ever watchful eye on you.

Unable to fathom what had just happened I was looking busily at the papers in my hands and when you finally came to my side I didn’t see the approach so much as I felt it. I turned to you and offered a hand as I introduced myself and as I looked into your eyes I knew there was more to you than I had heard. Your hand engulfed mine and you were startled at the chill on them. “Cold hands, warm heart,” I intoned with a slight rasp from an hour long lack of speech. You concluded the introductions with your name and a “pleasure to meet you.” It was then, at the moment I heard your voice, I knew I could enjoy your company. When you spoke, the words gathered at the tip of your tongue before spilling over into the air where they hung momentarily like oil on water before dripping to the floor. Your voice was gentle but beneath that velvet glove was a rich baritone core that would send chills down your spine. I see why you so easily charmed the entire hall.

And that’s all I remember of our first meeting. Isn’t that odd? I was certain that I wanted your friendship yet the one thing that lodged in my mind was the sound of your voice and the lilting inflections that could lull you into such comfort…

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  1. GreenDespair · May 3, 2004

    props…that’s such great writing…amazing… by the way, who is this?Jeff

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